Cardio and Strength — Why I Use Kettlebells

Muscular endurance plus tendons like steel cables

Great response to the cardio Vs strength question.

The biggest victims of the “cardio for weight loss” mentality are women, who we see all the time doing long cardio, and no compensatory strength-building. They’re losing bone density by the cardio, and muscle mass, but most often they are “pleased” because their weight has dropped.

It’s sad to see, because losing bone and muscle is the worst outcome for them, especially as they get older — which is where my interest lie. I wrote a Medium article about it here — about beating adaption.

I’ve been using kettlebells for nearly 20 years and they build strength and cardio.

It’s rare to find bro’s who can complete a basic simple set such as 24kg double arm swing 30 times by 5 reps starting on every minute. Their cardio gives out and / or their strength — which is simply stating that the cardio and strength and endurance components are all high.

Realistically, most people hate kettlebells, so that isn’t a practical answer for the crowd. I see all the oldies on the machines, but that’s also a trap. Machines are for gym owners and when you need rehabilitation.

Men and women over 50 need to have functional fitness — fit for living longer better. Machines destroy that.

Better choices are bodyweight exercises, weighted exercises and cable machines where they stand on their own two feet, a spin class if they like cycling, and some circuits and balance classes.

That’s plenty of cardio.

If they like running or cycling then more exercise on top of that will do them a world of good, but it’s not necessary.

In fact, I hated running but two years ago started trail running and I love it — expect being bitten by dogs. I run 5km twice a week, and for the last 7 weeks, I’ve been running 4km a day just to see what it feels like. It’s good, a little addictive. But it’s not necessary to do all this cardio in order to live longer better.

PS The other great myth is the “fat-burning zone” — which you probably are across.

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