Dating tips for a Boomer — from a 27 year old

Great tips Tiffany and I can relate to them all, even though I’m the age of your grandparents :)

I’ve been online dating the last year since splitting up more than 2 years ago. It takes a bit of practice. I especially like your #9 #10 #11 and I’ve been guilty of being a little overzealous.

I still puzzle about the opening message — am I overthinking it and what works best? I’ve tried short and sweet without being tacky. I’ve tried highlighting commonalities and differences. I’ve tried exploring their user names with a little humour.

I have success but they all work about the same.

I’m wondering if it is just time to chill and expect that the opening isn’t that important as these more mature women will read my profile and either click on not. What is your advice Tiffany?

I do fine tune my profile as I learn as I go on each date; I try to make it as precise as possible about who I am and what I’m about. That sounds serious but it’s not — I just think that my most important personal relationship is the one that I have with myself and I have to practice representing that on paper.

I laugh a lot at myself as it’s all a very interesting experience.

Anyway if you have more advice about the opening message, whether to not sweat it or to make it better, I’d love to hear from you.

We boomers need all the help we can get from you young guys, and thanks for sharing.

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