Drinking tea stopped me being woken up by pains which had persisted for years

It’s been three weeks and my leg pains have not woken me up once

I started drinking green tea three weeks ago, and on the second day added ginger and lemon tea, and by nightly pains from my right knee and leg vanished.

The pains had woken me up most nights for nearly a decade. Scans and tests were inconclusive, so I had long given up on those. Like a lot of pain-related investigations, they had started to go around in circles.

I asked my GP casually about surgery, and his response was that if my knee was OK once I warmed it up then surgery isn’t even a consideration. He told me that knee surgery has more risks and less beneficial results than people commonly understand.

I’m not sure why the pain has gone away. I added the ginger and lemon simply by chance, after one day of drinking just green tea. On the first night, the pain was still waking me — but that could be because it takes a little time to act.

I found the packet of ginger and lemon while rifling through the cupboard to see what else was stuck up the back. It seemed like a flavoursome addition, so I added it.

I’ve since read that ginger has properties which can reduce arthritic pain, and also tumeric (as ginger and tumeric are related).

If you have bone or joint pains there’s nothing to lose by trying a regular cup of the combination that I am drinking — green, ginger, lemon and a scrape of fresh ginger added as well.

Green tea, plus Lemon & Ginger, stopped knee pains waking me at night !

I fill a small teapot and drink it throughout the day.

Hopefully, it will ease your pains, and as Michael Hunter says, benefit you in other ways as well.

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