Facing Your Fears Builds Resilience

I agree with your whole premise and suggestions about personalisation, but right up front the quote I clipped caught my attention. The benefits of facing your fears are why I wrote: “The next time you encounter fear consider yourself one of the lucky ones”.

I appreciate the efforts of the current generation of personalisation, and although it is clever it is also quite dumb as you point out.

If I have just bought a box of replacement electric toothbrush heads then I am unlikely to need more the next day. Yet all I see for the next month in my various streams are ads dunning me to buy more of the same!

It makes me shake my head with how dumb the current algorithms are. But I appreciate that it seems to be the best the companies can do at the moment to offer me something relevant.

Your idea of extrapolating value is good. That would be a huge step forward.

Thanks for your article.

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