Advice for my old buddies: Don’t be too unfit to have surgery if you are diagnosed with cancer

Good advice. My observation is that younger people never think of themselves as being old and therefore exercise is more about looking good in a t-shirt — which is the purpose of gym machines.

People 50+ most often require fear to motivate them, as I did. Being diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes at 50 shocked me, and turned out to be a blessing in disguise. Which, by the way, is how I also regard the two cancers I had later.

I learnt from surgeons that some people are in such poor health that a life-saving operation to remove their cancer is too risky. They need to lose weight and exercise, sometimes for 6 months or more. This doesn’t interest the young, but I tell my old buddies that this story so that they might be motivated, by fear, to start exercising. It might save their life.

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