Great story about the connection between body and mind, and the value of keeping both active and functionally fit.

People at gym have sometimes asked me why I am such a big fan of “Peter” one particular Personal Trainer. I tell them — because (a) he trains kids in martial arts, (b) he represented New Zealand internationally in three different sports, (c) he is a cerebral trainer not just a screeching cheerleader.

He also happens to be a top-ranked kettlebell instructor, and he taught me kettlebells 14 years ago. I’ve practiced what he taught me ever since, and I listen to what he says, and that’s why in boot camp when the other men choose a 10kg kettlebell I use a 20kg one, and why when the other men use 55kg on bars in circuit training I use 105kg. At 67 I’m also about 15–20 years older than most other men in the classes I do.

Unfortunately, inexplicably, the vast majority of gym clients prefer to listen to some kid who has done a 12 week Personal Trainer certificate.

When you listen to people who understand movement, function, balance and technique, and follow their instructions, you can do amazing things. As you said a lot of it is in your mind.

You are on a fantastic journey and I wish you all the best, and thanks for telling your story and hopefully it will inspire others.

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