Ha, great last and similar to mine. (1) Spinach - wash and cook briefly in the microwave and add a twist of salt and a squeeze of lemon (and pepper).

(2) Quinoa - buy flaked version and add it to the oats and make the whole mixture into a prebiotic breakfast by heating and cooling a couple of times in the microwave - (here https://go.wja.is/breakfast-oats).

(3) Walnuts - helps your muscles as well - 14 to 15 halves daily (here https://go.wja.is/walnuts-supplements).

(4) Tart cherries - yes and also have polyphenols which help your gut biome, and add a glass of white tea (not tea with milk, but white tea as the processing step before green tea).

(5) Chia seeds - rebalance out the excess Omega 6 by adding chia with Omega 3 - add these to your oats as they will swell overnight and make little digestible bubbles. For your brain.

(6) Pistachios - help you lose weight and for your brain, Avocado daily - healthy fats, Broccoli daily - for your eyes and antioxidants.

AND apples! I still love apples. Eat the skin as well where most of the nutrients are, and oranges, eat whole and this improves your gut health.

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