Hi Jeanie, good advice. I write a lot of content for tech and engineering companies, and also my Medium publication where I repost from my website for fitness after 50. I have a tip.

From Appsumo I just signed up for frase.io and started using it to create content. It also generates answers for chat questions on my website. It's remarkably good - ask a question such as those you have suggested and it returns summarised articles and topics which you extract into a high quality post, with references. (I'm not an affiliate).

The more I use it the more I like it. That's unusual, as I often request a refund from my Appsumo purchases after trying them in real life. I think you'd find is useful as well.

You can see the answer chatbot and some recent posts using Frase.io at my blog https://www.walteradamson.com/blog

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