I Run Fasted 5km Every Day — But Previously I Hated Exercising Fasted

Good article and clearly explained. From my examination of the research, the jury is still out on the pros and cons of exercising fasted, but the points you note are generically how it is perceived at the moment.

Before I started running — about 2 years ago — I always ate before working out at the gym (3X week). But I started running in summer and I like to do it as early as possible, starting just before dawn. I couldn't stand getting up 30 minutes earlier to eat, so I just started having a glass of water and heading out the door.

I found it quite easy to keep up the effort, to my surprise. I even do a massive set of hill sprints and stair climbs — 18 sets — one day a week as I run the 5km. Every other day I do a Fartlek set of exercises at the 4km mark.

To your point about burning muscle protein if we use up all our glucose stores — our liver and muscles have generally stored enough for 60 minutes of hard exercise. After all, it’s not powerlifting!

I’ve added a couple of my articles below which are relevant to your topic, which others may be interested in. Looking forward to reading your next post.

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