I’m in Australia. I’ve taken to watching ABC World News with David Muir. I really like it (I’m not sure what that might say about me in the American context).

Each morning I literally wake up and look forward to it, wondering what in the heck will be on the news today — it’s just unbelievable how the US has lost its way. And very concerning for us, since we have the Communist dictatorship in China literally breathing down our necks.

I watched the coverage of the primaries with great interest until that was all overrun by everything else. For the life of me, I cannot understand how America has ended up with Joe Biden as the alternative to Trump.

I am 72 so I’m not being age-ist. A 72-year old could do a great job, as could a 32-year old. It can only be that the Democratic party machine is living in some kind of alternative universe. I’m leftist, I have only voted conservative twice in 50 years of voting for state and federal governments. I could not vote for Biden.

Perhaps your explanation of his lack of curiosity is the thing that reflects in my view of him as a paper cutout of leader? I am grateful that I am not having to make the choice. I hope America knows what it is doing.

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