Keto is troubling for the reasons you say — all the nut cases

I’m Type 2 diabetic — diagnosed in 2000. I have managed my own case, because as you say doctors know little about nutrition and less about exercise. After going into denial for a while I snapped out of it and learnt over the next four years what works for me.

I made seven blood measurements a day for years and kept spreadsheets of what I ate and how I exercised. I believe that exercise is as important as diet on the road to managing diabetes.

According to your definition of “cured” as highlighted in the quote, I am cured. But you’re never really cured, that’s a lie. You still have hairs falling off your legs and pain in the night from nerves dying etc. But the disease is being well managed, despite those occurrences.

Although I don’t measure it I aim for a balance of 25:25:50 of protein, carbs and fat. I think older people (I’m 70) need more protein and more fats. Diabetics need more exercise and more dietary phenolics and more careful about other fads like skipping breakfast.

As for Keto, I run when I hear it mentioned, the same as I run from all the other food (and fitness) nutters out there. It may be true, but, like CrossFit, the culture isn’t my cup of tea.

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