Lack of Critical Thinking in Early Adulthood — Trump’s 1980 Interview

If you read this (transcript) interview of Donald Trump in 1980 by Rona Barrett I believe that you’ll see the progression of some of your key suggestions.

The interview is a roll call of the mocking of thinking, the obsession with living for the moment (as drug addicts do) and the complementary inability to live in the moment. Living in the moment requires you to be present and to acknowledge yourself as part of a universal system and to acknowledge the legitimate role of others. Not only is Trump void of such an ability but he is proud to display his contempt for such thinking.

When you boast of how clever you are, simultaneously scorn empathy, humanity and the value of thinking, and totally lack any capacity for self-reflection at the age of 34, then you are on the well on the road to becoming a hitman and psychopath.

In this case, things worked out a little differently.

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