My adventure with ginger tea stopped my aching joints

Nice summary of the benefits of ginger tea, well written.

I have it daily now, I make a pot each morning, but mine is green tea plus ginger tea.

Two days after I started doing this my aching right knee stopped waking me up in the night. It stopped aching! Frankly, I was amazed.

I was even a little sceptical, but I could not find any other reason. My knee had been waking me up for more than 10 years. I had even asked the doctor about it on several occasions.

We were once in the process of tracking down what it might be, with various tests underway, when it was discovered that I had a lethal cancer!

That diverted our attention! By the time that was sorted out, I no longer saw my sore knee as such a problem. Life went on — that was good. I woke up most nights with the pain — that was life.

I don’t add any sugar or honey. I don’t eat added sugar so the straight taste of the tea is fine by me. I use a potato peeler to peel slices of ginger into the teapot, and then add the green tea.

Tumeric is my next addition — in root form not powder

You mentioned that tumeric is in the same family. I learnt that myself after I started to research if my new tea-drinking could indeed be responsible for my knee no longer aching.

My research showed that yes, this is a known outcome of ginger.

I eat tumeric every day in a powder form. I have been for more than 20 years.

It’s often said that tumeric is preventative against cancer. That didn’t work for me. I had a different lethal cancer 4 years after the first !! Luckily, I am still here :)

Now I want to buy some tumeric root and peel it into my tea as well, I just haven’t seen it at our supermarket lately.

Thanks for your reminder and the nice article.

PS I stopped eating added sugar in my late teens, I wrote about it here:

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