My first wife became pregnant when we were university students and we discussed it and decided that we weren’t ready to be responsible parents, nor mentally.

Once that decision was made we faced the harrowing choice of where and how, that was something scary and completely unknown as abortion was illegal in our state.

There were clinics but the thought of an illegal clinic made it sound as if the medical process also carried more risk. And women did die in those places.

I remember still it was a frightening process trying to figure out what to do. It wasn’t frightening because we were trying to hide or protect our “reputation” — we didn’t give a damn about that as these were wild transformative times.

We were frightened about what might happen to my girlfriend and what really goes on in these backyard operations.

We discovered that abortion was legal in a neighbouring state, but of course we had no money for anything and just a motorbike.

We did have a straight-forward approach to life so we decided to just lay out the proposition to our parents, separately. They were surprised and a bit bewildered but each gave us the money we asked for and their best wishes.

We are ever grateful to them, those fuddy-duddy conservative parents who we mocked.

We safely had the procedure carried out and returned to uni.

Four years later we had a daughter, and then another, and that earlier choice enabled us to have those children in completely joyful circumstances.

I want my 3 daughters (the two above and another more recently) and all women to have the right to safe clean affordable legal abortion services, should they need to choose. Thankfully in Australia that is now universally the case.

I just found this an hour ago and edited it in — Australian Government bans American abortion hate campaigner Troy Newman from entering Australia.

There are two interesting things about this for a non-Australian. Firstly the consensus here that “There is no place here for this kind of hate speech”.

Secondly, the government which banned Newman is our version of the Republicans, and in fact not one that I admire or vote for. That’s how deep the consensus is.

I call this a no-bullshit good Australian decision. I’m proud of a conservative government which I infrequently support. It’s uplifting that we value things which are diametrically opposite to some other countries — for example, the right of every woman to have a choice, and the right of no-one to own a gun.

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I’m Walter. I write articles on fitness, health, and motivation for men and women over 50. However, curiosity is my main distinction. I’ve been lucky enough to have experienced a bolt of lightning hitting me in Korea, crash landing in a 747 (LAX), being sucked into a thundercloud at 4,000m in a sailplane (Australia), jumping freefall from 3,000m on my 1st ever parachute jump (Florida), and two different lethal cancers. In 2000 I was diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes which sparked my interested in exercise, nutrition, motivation and cognitive fitness. University qualified in mathematical statistics, and computing science (Masters); have a professional diploma in sports nutrition; certified social media strategist. Feel free to message/email me with any comments, questions, or collaboration ideas. Blog:

Optimistically curious, 70+ trail runner; 2X cancer; diabetic; Click “FOLLOW” for living longer better tips | Weekly Newsletter 👉

Optimistically curious, 70+ trail runner; 2X cancer; diabetic; Click “FOLLOW” for living longer better tips | Weekly Newsletter 👉