My recommended Xmas reading for you, society, your business, and your health

Of the books I have read over the last 6 or 7 weeks, these four I can recommend for your Xmas reading — one for yourself, one for your health, one for your business and one for society.

For society: The War On Normal People by Andrew Yang is a wake-up call on the impact of AI and robotics on the average person. In this age of fracturing and disenchantment this is a fundamental read for every thinking person and especially corporate leaders. If the social contract is under strain now then you ain’t seen nothing yet!

For you: The Choice by Edith Eger demonstrates beyond doubt that victimhood is optional. In our increasingly neurotic society this book gives you insights which will potentially help you make choices which change how life reflects itself upon you.

For business: Digital Darwinism by Tom Goodwin is pleasantly irreverent and cuts to the point on the half-baked experiences that are daily thrust upon us under the guise of digital disruption. In the midst of enormous excitement and potential, organisations continue to serve us up digital fluff which executives sport as campaign medals to their bedazzled Boards of Directors (just back from their Silicon Valley bootcamp). Make this one your digital business bible for 2019.

For your health: Overcoming Poor Posture by Low & Ilano provides very practical advice on how to modulate your posture to that which best meets your daily needs. This will be the posture which optimises the demand for muscular endurance and strength, and in doing so reduces the likelihood of discomfort and pain. You don’t need to aspire to the posture of a ballet dancer in order to attain your proper alignment and to gain all the benefits of an optimised posture. Easy to read, clear what needs to be done. Highly recommended. ​

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I’m Walter. I write articles on fitness, health, and motivation for men and women over 50. However, curiosity is my main distinction. I’ve been lucky enough to have experienced a bolt of lightning hitting me in Korea, crash landing in a 747 (LAX), being sucked into a thundercloud at 4,000m in a sailplane (Australia), jumping freefall from 3,000m on my 1st ever parachute jump (Florida), and two different lethal cancers. In 2000 I was diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes which sparked my interested in exercise, nutrition, motivation and cognitive fitness. University qualified in mathematical statistics, and computing science (Masters); have a professional diploma in sports nutrition; certified social media strategist. Feel free to message/email me with any comments, questions, or collaboration ideas. Blog:



Optimistically curious, 70+ trail runner; 2X cancer; diabetic; Click “FOLLOW” for living longer better tips | My Newsletter 👉

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Walter Adamson

Walter Adamson


Optimistically curious, 70+ trail runner; 2X cancer; diabetic; Click “FOLLOW” for living longer better tips | My Newsletter 👉