My Slow Running Went Better When I Stopped Wearing a Band

It’s interesting how we are all different. I was running 5km strongly and regularly — usually timing myself — but could not make 10km.

You used your watch to keep your speed down — that didn’t work for me.

I came to understand that as listened to the 1km “announcements” from Runtastic that I could not help speeding up a bit if I thought that I was off the pace. That was killing me before I reached the 10km mark. I’d pull up with sore joints or muscles, often around 8km.

I decided to leave the gadgets at home and just run to the feel, and aim for a goal of “running uninjured”. That solved the problem — I made it (“After starting running at 70 I finally ran my first 10km”).

It’s often said that a big mistake runners make is running too fast too often and that most runs should be slow. I don’t agree with that because it’s not what my body has taught me about running 5km. My experience tells me that intervals and variations plus specific stamina training will get you to the front when it counts.

I know it works because there are few people that run a better 5km over our local cliff-top running trails than me, and I’m 72. While slower running definitely has an important role, and is important physically and mentally, there is no substitute for upping the METS — the intensity.

Safe running, and thanks for the article.

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