Nice article. Did you fact check your claim of 200 calories in 3 minutes? When I researched my article The Exact Slow Pace You Must Run and Cycle To Max Fat-Burning I found quite different numbers. I know from my own running that for most people they burn about 60 calories every 10 minutes, as they run at about 5-METS. If they run for 4 km, taking 40mins, they burn about 240 calories.

In three minutes the runners would burn 18 calories. To burn 200 calories in 3 minutes you would have to be exercising at an intensity of (200/18) * 5 METS = 55-METS. Sprinting is generally rated at about 18 METS, which, if I have my calculations correct, would burn about 65 calories (depending on the weight of the person)?

In any case, a well-explained article and more sprinting makes a lot of sense. I promote it to runners as a way to improve their stamina (the ability to win a race, whereas endurance is the ability to finish a race).

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