Oats as Prebiotics — Some Extra Preparation Required

As you mentioned oats are beneficial for glucose control and diabetics (as I am). Instant oats are rated with a higher Glycemic Index which means that, in theory, they spike blood glucose faster than traditional rolled oats.

I noticed that you did not mention prebiotics (at least I didn’t see it). These are starches that resist digestion until they get to the large intestine. They feed the good bacteria in our gut, and by definition are low GI since they don’t digest quickly.

Eating more resistant starches is good for everyone — not just diabetics — and oats are a great choice.

You can make your oats resistant by heating and cooling. For example, cooked rice that has been cooled is higher in resistant starch than rice that was cooked and not cooled. I explain how to do this with oats in my post Why Skip Breakfast When You Can Eat This And Improve Your Health.

I heat and cool my oats a few times using the microwave.

Try cooking rice, potatoes, beans, and pasta a day in advance and cool in the refrigerator overnight. It’s ok to reheat the starch before eating. Reheating doesn’t decrease the amount of resistant starch.

Thanks for the oats-insights.

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