Pains from Neuropathy — An Indication of Diabetes

A comprehensive medical summary — enough to scare me and I already have diabetes and have studied much about managing it!

Based on my 20+ years of managing my Type 2 diabetes without medication I think there are a few extra pieces of information which readers might find valuable:

  • Diagnosis #1: If you have pains in your lower limbs — you will feel these in the night time when your conscious mind relaxes — then talk to your doctor. As neuropathy occurs in the outer limbs — starting with your feet — the dying nerves are quite painful.
  • Diagnosis #2: If the hairs are falling out starting from the tops of your feet, and moving towards your ankles, then talk to your doctor more urgently. The hairs are dying for the reasons explained in the parent article.
  • Prognosis #1: The easiest way to predict if you will succumb to diabetes (Type 2) is to measure your waist/height ratio. (See my post here which explains “Measuring your waist will tell you if you are on your way to diabetes”). If it is greater than 1/2 then you should consult your health advisor. This ratio is strongly associated with the occurrence of Type 2 Diabetes.
  • Management #1: This — “Scientific Evidence Supports Benefits for Diabetics of This Supplement” on Medium, by me.

If you have any tips I’d love to hear them.