Resilience will be her killer app

Loved your article.

I’ve been lucky enough to only develop Type 2 diabetes 20+ years ago. For children with Type 1 — that’s a whole different level, and for their parents like you.

Life has “happened” for your daughter, and with your support, she will become self-reliant. That’s an almost non-existent character trait these days. When you understand that life just happening and not always making sense is not a “mental health” problem then you are living in the present.

You daughter can take that as her blessing, in the same way that I regard my various bouts with cancer as a blessing.

I wish your daughter and you, and your family the best — thanks for sharing.

I recently wrote a post imploring people to do everything they can to avoid drifting into diabetes. Most people, like me, had no idea what it was until too late.

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