Running to avoid injuries rather than running for best times

The best advice I read – for regular runners – was to run to avoid injuries not to keep improving your times.

It was here, on Medium. The guy said to leave your app at home or switched off so that you stop comparing your runs.

Since I’m now running 5km every day as allowable exercise during #stayathome that advice has proved gold. I’m not timing myself but I know my pace has dropped by about 30 seconds/km.

I now adjust my intensity according to my mood and energy but at all times my overriding goal is to stay injury-free.

If I feel I need a rest on any day I don’t run. That only happens about once every three weeks. I’m 72 so sometimes things catch up with you, such as the day after having a flu shot (it’s autumn down here).

In any case, I follow the general advice in your article so that’s also part of being able to run every day.

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