Tipping Point of intolerance of corporate behaviour?

You have something here, I agree that we could be on the brink. Today I actually bought a paper copy of the Australian Financial Review (Thursday 7 April 2016). I usually just read a shared copy at the coffee shop. I tweeted “#tippingpoint #election2016 #auspol Today #AFR a litany of corporate criminality, corruption, greed & incompetence”.

Panama Papers are just the beginning

The AFR today was just article after article about corporate ineptitude, greed, corruption and criminality. I was so struck with reading this page after page that I bought my own copy, to read and digest what is going on.

Standard denial no longer tolerable

I think that people are fed up with the standard PR-driven drivel that emanates from corporate leaders when presented with evidence of wrongdoing and criminality in their ranks.

Regulator accused of being Hitler

Most remarkably the attempts of the corporate regulator — ASIC’s Greg Medcraft — to push for the reform of Australian banking culture resulted in the chair of Australia’s Financial System Inquiry and former Commonwealth Bank CEO David Murray comparing Medcraft to Hitler.

Times have, or are changing

We’re on the brink of the change and the cracks are certainly showing. How those changes will manifest themselves I have no idea.

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