WFM Is Going The Blow The Lid On Employees Just Showing Up

True enough, so many office employees are paid for showing up, doing a bit, chatting by the coffee machine, and going out to “grab” a coffee — taking 20 minutes. That’s what I used to do.

Work From Home is going to shine a light on so much lost productivity that CFOs are not going to want everyone back. Right now, CFOs are running the numbers on how much of their fixed budgets they can shift to employees at home — floor space, electricity, coffee.

They are also running the numbers on how many people they really need to bring back, given they have new insights on how many people are really needed to do the work. It’s fewer than they thought.

And we ain’t seen nothing yet. As soon as work-from-home surveillance tools really kicks in the boss will realise just how much time was wasted in the office. That’s when the grim job cuts will start.

It’s a good time to be a creative.

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