While Weight Loss Can Be A Motivator Exercise Has A More Active Positive Effect On Your Brain

Thanks for taking us through your journey, and the good advice. While there are exceptions most marketing of weight loss products is for dietary solutions.

Although it is said that weight loss begins in the kitchen, I don’t agree with that. It begins with your mentality, as you point out.

The positive hormonal effects of exercise help create a more balanced and positive outlook, and this is what can sustain a better relationship with food. Both exercise and proper food balance are absolutely necessary. But the order counts.

In fact, a multitude of research has shown that without continuing exercise weight loss programs rarely succeed. In that sense, it also supports the idea of getting the exercise habits working as soon as possible. Continuing exercise is one of the reasons that The Biggest Loser contestants have been most successful in maintaining their weight loss long-term — contrary to popular opinion.

Good luck.

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