Wow, that's a heck of a wreck. Wishing you a speedy recovery.

Your story is incredibly important. I tell my old friends that, if for no other reason, get fit because they are "one split second away from something completely unexpected".

I've recovered from surgery for two primary cancers - four years apart - in half the time the surgeons expected. I've got my life back while others are still struggling to move.

Here's the killer. Surgeons told me lack of fitness is the most common reason that they have to postpone operating on men over 50. These men have lethal cancers, but are at more risk of dying on the operating table. That's tragic for the men and their families.

I tell my old buddies this story. They don’t accuse me of bragging rights, but they murmur something about me being stubborn and rigid in my ways.

As you know, it is easy to give up on being fit. You hesitate at the door and think "do I really want to to this tonight?". I call it consistency, and part of being resilient in body and mind.

Well done to you.

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