How to look stronger, prouder and use less effort

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Running slumped is something that I see often. The people running slumped look tired. Here’s the irony, when you slump it will make you more tired.

Here are three tips to get you looking stronger, prouder, and be able to sustain your running with less effort.

I’ve been running daily for a year on our local trails — it’s been a fantastic daily break during our nearly year of working from home. …

Plus, you’re more predictable than you’d like to believe

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My weekly three best insights from me, Medium and the web to help you live longer better.

Shopping TV offers a course of eye exercises with a promise that you can throw away your glasses. Should you buy it ?— item #3.

In some human fields of activity, such as renting an Airbnb, human behaviour falls into a disappointingly predictable set of patterns — item #2.

Scientists are still unravelling the mysteries of how good gut health affects so many other parts of our metabolism. Bananas help — keep reading —

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1. Bananas are prebiotic food, which improves our gut health

We tend to think of bananas…

And even better if at stage 5 of ripeness …

Stage 5 Bananas | Photo by Charlotte Harrison on Unsplash

Who would have thought that bananas promote our gut health, helping grow beneficial bacteria that ultimately strengthens our bones, and delays neural degeneration in our brain?

It all starts with inulin, which is in bananas and which begins to be digested only when it reaches our gut.

Resistant starches — prebiotics pass to our gut

Inulin is a term applied to a heterogeneous blend of naturally occurring carbohydrates found widely distributed in plants, notably in chicory root. Oligofructose is a subgroup of inulin. For example, bananas contain both inulin and oligofructose, neither of which are digested in the upper gastrointestinal tract.

These types of carbohydrates are called “resistant”…

Plus, getting to know your stage-5 banana will help your health

Image by Bailey Garrot

My weekly three best insights from me, Medium and the web to help you live longer better.

Should you stretch before running? Seventy-seven percent of runners answer incorrectly— item #3.

We’re learning more about the importance of gut health every day. Bananas feed our gut. Even better if you know the best stage to eat one— item #2.

Cognitive fitness is essential for living longer better. Vitamin K plays a role in slowing the aging of our brain — keep reading —

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1. Scientists discover that vitamin K doesn’t just help our blood clot

People who regularly ate leafy greens (a prime source of vitamin K) showed slower brain…

Free radicals age you prematurely

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It’s said that our skin is a window into our inner health.

​That may not be true for marathon runners, whose skin belies their inner fitness. For others, naturally healthy-looking skin says something about how we take generally care of our health.

For skin, damage prevention is the number one strategy. We need to prevent damage from the sun and the environment, and damage from poor food choices.

There are two primary causes of skin aging — intrinsic, and extrinsic.

Intrinsic skin aging

The first is intrinsic skin aging, which represents chronological aging. …

Plus, more headaches? Neck muscle strength will reduce them …

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My weekly three best insights from me, Medium and the web to help you live longer better.

Working from home has led to more headaches— strengthening your neck helps reduce them, here’s how — item #3.

Are you a logical person? How’s it serving you, or are you serving it? Could intuition, not logic, be the highest form of understanding?— item #2.

Exercise isn’t just for our body, it also helps our mind. When we feel better we eat better and it becomes a virtuous circle of self-discovery — keep reading —

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1. Better mood, less stress — leads to better food choices

One of my most popular…

And improve your balance and posture

Image credit: Runtastic

I found myself sweating, even though I was only walking up a gently sloping path. The effort surprised me because I run 5km daily and sprint up steeper slopes without too much effort.

That day convinced me that walking backwards had a lot to offer.

Doing it was challenging the coordination between my brain and body, and using muscles which were otherwise poorly trained and inefficient. That’s why I was sweating for such a low level of activity.

As well as running daily, I also walk 5km daily, which is part of my recovery routine for the daily running. During my…

Protects your brain and reduces your wrinkles

Photo by Pietro De Grandi on Unsplash

We know about the immune-support properties of vitamin D, currently the subject of many studies examining its ability to help our immune system resist Covid19.

We know about the antioxidant effects of vitamin C, and vitamin E, both of which limit the impact of free radicals and reduce chronic inflammation.

(Antioxidants neutralise free radicals which are molecules that cause cellular damage when their levels become too high. Damage caused by free radicals is associated with numerous chronic conditions, including cancer, heart disease, and diabetes.)

Asparagus ranks as an excellent source of both vitamin E and vitamin C. It is also…

I can now nasal-breath for the first time …

Photo by Massimo Sartirana on Unsplash

One hundred and thirty-eight days ago, on July 7th, 2020, our city went into a tight COVID lockdown. We were only allowed out for one hour daily (plus essential trips) and masks were compulsory.

If exercising, masks were optional. Since we propel massive volumes of moist air from our lungs when running past people, I chose to wear a mask. Today restrictions were lifted.

I trail run 5km daily, so that meant I ran 138 days with a mask.

It wasn’t what I would call enjoyable, but it did have some benefits. …

Plus, why eating less protein can lead to weight gain

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My weekly three best insights from me, Medium and the web to help you live longer better.

Simply eating walnuts daily reduces chronic inflammation — research — see item #3.

Ever wondered why your best friend eats the same daily calories as you, does the same exercise, and yet you put on weight? Here’s one answer — item #2.

Eating late-night meals is fine — you won’t put on weight. It’s not the time you eat that matters but what you eat, keep reading —

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1. Late-night meals cause weight gain — unless you’re Spanish!

You’ve no…

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